Some of my sample emails and a Facebook ad are below. The emails and FB ad are only to showcase my writing style and did not mail/go live.

Internet marketing and music instruction are two niches I'm passionate about, and I'd love to discuss your upcoming plans.

Contact me.

 Email Series

This is a 5 email series to promote a copywriting course.

SixFigureCopywritingseries.pdf SixFigureCopywritingseries.pdf
Size : 20.734 Kb
Type : pdf

This is a 3 email series focused on a resume writing training course. 

3emailseriesProResumeWriter.pdf 3emailseriesProResumeWriter.pdf
Size : 11.687 Kb
Type : pdf

 This 5 email series is geared toward a B2B copywriting training program.

B2BCopywritingProgramSeries.pdf B2BCopywritingProgramSeries.pdf
Size : 40.929 Kb
Type : pdf
Individual emails
An email showcasing an internet marketing product.
internetmarketingsample.pdf internetmarketingsample.pdf
Size : 5.881 Kb
Type : pdf
Here's a harmonica instructional package email.
harmonicaproductsample.pdf harmonicaproductsample.pdf
Size : 5.367 Kb
Type : pdf
This one is a testimonial for a trumpet instructional product.
testimonialtrumpetsample.pdf testimonialtrumpetsample.pdf
Size : 4.591 Kb
Type : pdf



This is an explainer video script I did for Get Foxy Social Media. You can see the owner's opinion here.
GetFoxySocialMediaExplainer.pdf GetFoxySocialMediaExplainer.pdf
Size : 39.693 Kb
Type : pdf

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