If you sell money-making or music instructional products online and miss this, you could lose THOUSANDS, without being able to stop it. And it wouldn't matter if you got everything else right...

With so much information flying around today, it's hard to distinguish yourself.

You get an awesome idea, turn it into a podcast or ebook, set up a download link and website, get people excited, and wait for the orders to flood in.

After a few weeks, orders trickle in. Or, you get some orders, just nowhere near what you expected.

My name is Ty Mall, and I've learned about a HUGE problem for lots of folks online today (especially internet marketers).

A lot of people who visit your site may not want to own your latest product today, on their first visit.

So they leave your web page...

And most of the time, they never come back.

Or maybe they buy a similar product from someone else a week later.

Same result, really.

No sale for you.

What makes someone do business with you, and not a competitor?


What if you could keep in touch with those website visitors?

Get them to think differently about what you offer...

And maybe buy later, while you develop a meaningful relationship with them.

Not keeping in touch with people who don't buy right away is the missing piece I mentioned before. 

And the solution is...


An email (or multiple emails) that are automatically delivered:

- "Follow up" with people who request free information from your website

- Inform the curious and customers alike about any new releases, downloads, updates, or products you come out with

- Turn the curious into customers while you relate to them in a meaningful way

Bottom line: If you can sign up for it, download it, attend it, play it, read or watch it, you can use email to get more people interested in buying it from you.

I specialize in writing the kind of email that gets people interested and clicking.

To see what I mean, take a look at some samples I've done.

A 2% boost in product sales can mean hundreds or thousands in extra cash for you.

But that's just the beginning...

If you've got a newsletter, that's a great start.

What if you get an awesome idea AFTER you've sent your latest issue?

Or an event planned months in advance, with great speakers that you KNOW will get folks running to you, after booking a flight?

An email series works well for both. 

Don't want to bug your subscribers? Good.

I recommend sending out messages for a series once every three days.

That way they'll be glad to see your name in their inbox, instead of groaning.

And they'll still be keeping you in mind.

Your needs and projects are unique. 

Maybe you're doing a relaunch, and want 10 or 12 emails, because you added so much great content to your revamped program.

Or a 7 email series to fill seats for a seminar or bootcamp. 

Or even a 20 email series as content for your new training program, to help get your new clients up and running. 

I'd love to help you make more from your existing and upcoming projects.

That said, my ideal client:

- Has a product or service to promote that provides real value to real prospects (i.e. something the market wants, needs, or desires)

- Has a track record/solid experience in their chosen niche

- Isn’t scrambling for cash, desperate, or one promotion away from financial disaster

- Thinks “corporate speak” belongs in boardrooms and not their business or marketing

- Knows that copy is essential, not an afterthought, and has money set aside for it

- Won't waste time on endless revisions or tweak every line in an email, and is willing to test before asking for any large-scale overhauls

- Knows that technical aspects of a campaign (CTR, opens, number of messages in a series, etc.) are important--but not as important as sales and delivering value to their prospects and clients

Sound like you? Contact me.

I also offer business-boosting strategy sessions.

We’ll get on the phone for about thirty minutes.

During the session, we’ll look over your website, emails, and other materials.

We’ll also:

- Create a clear vision for the future of your business, with a clear plan to get you there

- Uncover hidden challenges that may have you working too many hours and holding you back from success

- Unclog any blockages that may be stopping the flow of leads or revenue in your business

- Generate ideas to find untapped cash in your client/prospect list and current products

- And more!

I usually charge $199 for these strategy sessions, but for a while, these sessions are free

To lock in your spot, fill in the form at the right. While my primary strength is email, I'm also willing to write other types of copy.

If you've got any further questions, check out my samples page, or contact me.

Get in touch for your business boosting session, and skyrocket your leads, clients, and profits today!

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